Imogen Wurf, Summer Clerk

Imogen Wurf, Summer Clerk

What attracted you to join Maddocks as a clerk?

I was attracted to Maddocks because every single employee I met spoke so genuinely about how they enjoyed working for the firm. They described how they felt supported in their careers, got to work on a broad variety of matters and were able to bring their whole selves to the office every day.

From Day One you felt… 

So welcomed and supported! Everyone was so excited to have the new clerks in the office, and after a few days of training we were immediately taken along to important meetings, given meaningful work to do and had the opportunity to ask lots of questions. The atmosphere at the office is very friendly, and from day one you feel able to knock on a partner or senior associate’s door to ask a question or discuss a matter.

What did you do in your first week?

We started off with three days of intensive training. This training focused on learning Maddocks systems and style, as well as tips for improving our legal research and writing skills. It was very informative, and we all felt much more prepared to enter our practice areas after this introduction. Having three full days together also allowed our group of clerks to hang out and get to know one another.

What rotations did you complete and what sort of work did you do?

My first rotation was in the Construction & Projects team. I really enjoyed getting an insight into the industry – it is very idiosyncratic in it’s legislation and culture, so you quickly understand why it needs a practice area all to itself. I was tasked with researching the recent changes in relevant legislation across a number of jurisdictions, as well as helping draft advice for clients.

My second rotation was in Dispute, Resolution & Litigation. The best thing about this area is the broad range of matters I got to work on; everything from contract disputes, to breaches of directors duties and consumer law matters. I was also lucky enough to help with preparing material for a Supreme Court case, and then got to see it in action when we went up to the court to watch parts of the hearing.

How were you supported during your clerkship?

In each practice area, you are assigned a lawyer in the area who acts as your buddy. You can ask them all the questions you think are silly (they’ll be quick to tell you there is no such thing!) and they provide support and insights into the firm. You are also assigned to a senior associate, who acts as your co-ordinator. They check in with you regularly to ensure that you are getting a consistent flow of work, and are always available if you have any questions about where to go with a tricky legal issue.

The People & Culture team are also incredibly supportive. You have regular meetings with a member of the People & Culture team. They are genuinely interested in how you are finding the experience and are keen to know how they can make it even better.

Did you get involed in any other firm activities during your clerkship?

Clerks have the opportunity to work on an Innovation project, which gives you an insight into how the Maddocks is innovating throughout the firm to continually improve client services. Everyone also gets to go along to a session at the Homeless Person’s Legal Service that Maddocks attends weekly. Both of these opportunities allow you to experience the breadth of opportunities at Maddocks to work within the wider community.

From a social perspective, summer is the best time to be a clerk! You get to go to the firm and your practice area end of year events which are a fantastic way to meet people from across the firm. Beyond all the festivities, there is often Friday night drinks with your practice area, which is a great opportunity to talk to people about their careers in a more relaxed setting. The clerks also team up to play sport against all the other firms once a week – and while we didn’t win many games, it was a great way to bond as a group and get some fresh air after a day in the office.

What advice would you give to a potential Maddocks Seasonal/Summer clerk?

I know it sounds cliché, but be yourself in your application! There is no one type of person who will fit in at Maddocks – it’s a diverse firm that really does want your to bring your unique personality to work every day. Also, take the opportunity to attend the cocktail evenings and speak to as many people as you can; it’s a great way to get a sense of the firm and where you might fit in. Don’t worry about having the shiniest resume, Maddocks is a firm that is looking for people with work ethic and character, so let that shine through and I can promise you’ll have the best summer ever!

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