Maddocks Pride

Maddocks Pride

Maddocks Pride is a support and networking group for LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) partners and staff as well as allies. At Maddocks, we believe that people perform better when they can bring their whole selves to work. Maddocks Pride aims to promote a sense of acceptance and belonging for LGBTI people working at Maddocks. Since 2015, Maddocks has been a member of Pride in Diversity, a not-for-profit employer support program for LGBTI workplace inclusion in Australia. Maddocks Pride is proud to have the genuine support from the firm’s leaders and have partner representation in our network across our 3 offices.

How do we make a difference?

– We create and maintain an environment where all Maddocks employees can bring their whole selves to work regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation;

– We provide business development and networking opportunities to develop their professional relationships both externally and internally, and to engage with the broader community.

What do we do?

– We participate in the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) – the AWEI is the definitive national benchmark on LGBTI workplace inclusion. The AWEI drives the best practice in Autrlia and sets a comparative benchmark for Australian employers across all sectors.

– Wear and sell Rainbow merchandise – you will see people at Maddocks with rainbow-themed ‘ally’ pins, lanyards, stickers and other merchandise. MAddocks Pride purchases the items from Pride in Diversity and donate the sale proceeds to an LGBTI charity.

– Provide LBTI awareness training –  Pride in Diveristy run sessions of LGBTI awareness training for all employees.

– Proudly celebrate Wear it Purple Day each year. Wear it Purple Day is about showing LGBTIQA young people they are supported, celebrated and respected exactly as they are, regardless of their sexuality or gender indentity.



Listen to Maddocks partners Alicia Albury and Shaun Temby and lawyer Nathan Lambrinos talk to Lawyers Weekly about Maddocks Pride


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