Tamsin Webster, Senior Associate

Tamsin Webster, Senior Associate

What do you do at Maddocks?

I am a Senior Associate in the Employment, Safety and People team at Maddocks. My job is incredibly varied and ranges from advice work (on a whole range of employment issues), to litigation (including unfair dismissals, general protections claims and discrimination claims), to engaging workplace investigators to drafting employment contracts/policies/deeds of release/termination letters etc.

I work for both public sector clients (State Government and local councils) and private clients. I also do a lot of pro bono work, including High Court appeals from the Supreme Court of Nauru in asylum seeker matters and attending clinics at Refugee Legal.

What’s it like working at Maddocks?

I started work at Maddocks when I was a seasonal clerk in 2009, and I really enjoy it. I absolutely love working with the people in my team. They are a great bunch of down-to-earth, intelligent and caring people, and it is great to be able to bounce ideas off each other. The firm has a great culture – it promotes diversity and innovation, and also provides an opportunity to get involved in activities such as basketball and the corporate triathlon. I also really like the work that I do as it is very people-based, varied and intellectually stimulating.

How do you make a difference at Maddocks?

I’ve got an incredibly rewarding job of mentoring some of the junior lawyers in the firm which I really enjoy, and I’m always contributing to my team’s knowledge base and doing a lot of pro bono work with organisations in Melbourne.


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